Synaptic Vesicle 2 (SV2)

About this Antibody

Synaptic Vesicle 2 labels synaptic neuropil.

We frequently use this antibody in conjunction with  anti-acetylated tubulin (IgG2b, Sigma), which labels beautifully the axonal connections, to aid anatomical orientation in transgenic specimens. In addition to these antibodies being informative from a neuroanatomical perspective, they are also invaluable as a tool for anatomical localisation. These antibodies can be used as a framework to easily compare the expression patterns of different transgenic lines and locate GFP-positive structure in the context of the brain. Both antibodies are mouse monoclonals but can be detected in the same specimen using subtype-specific secondary antibodies.

Mouse monoclonal anti-SV2 (IgG1) (DSHB, Cat#AB 2315387, dilution 1:500)

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Labels these brain structures

Synaptic neuropil

Key Publications

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