The UCL Zebrafish Facility has been pushing ahead with biosecurity within a fish unit.  Traditionally, zebrafish units are typically only capable of conventional housing.  However, this is starting to change, with a specific pathogen free zebrafish unit in the US, and now the UCL Zebrafish Facility has moved in this direction.  

Currently, we have one large fish room that is designed with the aim of being free of three known pathogens: Pseudoloma neurophilia, Mycobacterium marinum, and Mycobacterium haemophilium

 To learn more about the steps we have taken, see our posters.  Our biosecurity protocols are also available in our fish husbandry section.


Authors: Jenna Hakkesteeg, Vivila Moiche and Carole Wilson.
Title: Implementation of a Biosecurity Program at the UCL Zebrafish Facility