A branchiomeric cranial nerve that contains sensory and motor components. Motor axons from the facial lobe innervate muscles derived from the second branchial arch. The motor neurons are generated in rhombomere 4. VII innervates the following hyoid arch muscles :Interhyal, Hyohyal, Abductor hyomandibulae, Abductor operculi.

facial nerve motor neurons and the facial motor nerve root are labelled with choline acetyltransferase(ChAT) the acetylcholine synthesising enzyme indicating that this nucleus forms part of the cholinergic system in zebrafish . In the facial lobe ChAT+ fibres form a dense net. This innervation couls come from the ventral motor trigeminal nucleus which projects to facial and vagal lobes in the goldfish (Mueller et al., 2004) .

motor cranial nerve schematic facial motor VII.png
motor cranial nerve schematic facial motor VII.png
cranial nerve schematic facial sensory VII.png

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