Cryopreservation and regeneration

We offer cryopreservation services, which comprises of sperm freezing and in vitro fertilisation.  This is done on site by experienced senior technicians, and the frozen sperm samples are held both on site and off site at the Royal Holloway Free UCL: Biobank. 

This service is offered to both UCL based and non-UCL based researchers who wish to archive any genetic strains for future use.  Any fish that are booked into the system must meet specific criteria:

  • Males must be young (3-6 months recommended

  • Males must be capable of breeding

  • Number of fish provided must be between 1-6 individuals

Genetic information must also be provided, such as:

  • Allele numbers

  •  Proper nomenclature used for strain names  

Application for cryopreservation of zebrafish line 

Please use the registration form to book fish into the cryopreservation program.

To request cryopreservation of one of your zebrafish lines please use the grey button below to download the form and email the completed form to Please note if you are paying for the cryopreservation with a PO number a copy of the PO number must be attached alongside the form.