feed trials

Diet is central to good husbandry methods, and trends and preferences for zebrafish feed have changed over the last decade.  There has been a swing away from paramecia, for example, towards rotifer (Poster 1) for early stage larval forms.  A number of trials have been undertaken within the facility to identify the impact of the myriad options available (Poster 2 and Poster 3), as well as the in-house design of a food dispenser (Poster 4). 

Authors: Paul Barwood & Carole Wilson
Title: Investigation of Zebrafish Diets Leads to Nutritional Refinement and Reduction of Fish Numbers

Authors: Paul Barwood & Carole Wilson
Title: Comparison of Feeding Regimes for Zebrafish(Danio rerio)

Authors: Matt Wicks, Heather Callaway, Visila Moiche, Karen Dunford and Carole Wilson.
Aquatic Food Dispenser: Standardising Laboratory Zebrafish Diet

Authors: Elise Hitchcock, Paul Barwood, Visila Moiche and Carole Wilson.
You Are What You Eat: identifying any recurring differences between fish fed different diets.

 Poster Prize: FELASA
Authors: Visila Moiche, Paul Barwood and Carole Wilson
Title: Survival and Growth on Different Zebrafish Strains Fed with a Combination of Dry and Saltwater Rotifer Diets