Modelling human disease

Zebrafish are increasingly becoming a popular model for translational research aimed at understanding and treating human disease. With the development of gene editing systems such as CRISPR/Cas9, targeted knock-ins, knock-outs and other specific genetic modifications are becoming more straightforward. Our lab has established collaborations with clinicians (and indeed we have clinicians studying for PhDs in our lab) and together we are studying fish orthologues of candidate disease genes from human patients.  We aim to use studies in fish to determine if genetic mutations are really causative of disease phenotypes, help place genes in genetic pathways through epistasis analyses and understand the cellular and molecular bases of disease phenotypes.  

The lab currently works on developing zebrafish models for quite a diverse range of human conditions including ciliopathies, neurodegenerative disorders, coloboma, microphthalmia and other eye abnormalities and, in collaboration with the Rihel, Dreosti and Hoffman labs, autism spectrum disorders.





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