Every year we host about 8 A Level Students from various schools and introduce them to the zebrafish as a model system. This year’s bunch was particularly lively and enthusiastic.

They explored a few standard lab techniques, such as (fluorescent) in situ hybridization ((F)ISH), they sorted embryos by phenotype into mutants and siblings and verified the genotype using PCR. Using light-, fluorescent- and confocal microscopy students analysed and documented their (F)ISH results and compared the potential uses of their applied techniques to that of transgenic animals.  Finally, students had a short workshop on animal behaviour and learning including hunting, exploratory and circadian/sleep behaviour. Finally, students show-cased their results and what they learned in a presentation which led to a spirited discussion of all topics covered – and beyond. Great fun for everyone involved!

" I would just like to thank you for the incredible experience at the Wilson Lab this week. It was invaluable learning about a career in scientific research and challenging my current A level knowledge. The experience has made me feel more confident for my university interviews and has confirmed my love of science! It was extremely well structured and I am so grateful to everyone who taught us throughout the week. "