Pil course

The UCL Zebrafish Facility offers the Home Office Personal Licence (PiL) modules accredited by the Royal Society of Biology.  We currently offer modules E1/L, PiL A, and PiL B (formerly modules 1-3).  Our PiL course is specifically for zebrafish and medaka and is held within the facility itself.  The course includes a textbook and study guide, hands on practicals, and a certificate. 

 The PiL course is offered the first full week of every month, and takes place over two days.  Module E1/L covers the ethical framework for the use of animals in science in the UK, as well as the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986.  Module PiL A covers basic biology and husbandry for zebrafish and medaka.  PiL B covers anaesthesia for minor or minimally invasive procedures.  The full syllabus can be viewed by clicking on the grey button below.

 The price is dependent on the required modules (*E1/L is transferable from existing PiLs), and a discounted rate is provided for UCL based applicants.  The full price list is shown in the table below please make sure your payment or PO number is for the correct amount: 

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 16.14.19.png

Anyone wishing to use protected animals for any scientific purpose is required to have such a licence. 

Please complete the application form by clicking the button below to apply for a place on one of our PiL courses in 2019. Please note that if you are planning to pay for the course using a PO number, a copy of the PO number must be uploaded along with the application form. For any further information or questions regarding this course please email fishfacilities-training@ucl.ac.uk.



• If there is a change in your registration, such as who is attending, or

which modules are required, please inform the course organisers

within 3 business days prior to the commencement of the course.


• Cancellations must be made up to 3 business days before the

commencement of the course.

Passing the course:

• Candidates who do not pass the exam at the end of the course will

be permitted one resit, to be arranged with the course organisers.

• Candidates who do not pass the resit exam will have to retake the



• Registration must be completed within 3 business days before the

start of the course.

Included in the course:

• The cost of the course will cover: certificates; course book and

study guides; refreshments throughout the day.