Bespoke training

The UCL Zebrafish Facility now offers bespoke training for zebrafish husbandry, which can be counted towards IAT CPD points.  Conducted in the facility itself, attendees will get the opportunity to see a working zebrafish facility and will be provided with reference materials to keep as well as the classroom based training courses.  Some courses have a practical element that will involve coming into contact with fish or the systems used in the facility. 

 Each training day is unique, as attendees will choose which courses appeal and will be the most beneficial.  The cost of the course will be calculated based on the number of courses requested; once a request for courses has been made, the registrant will be sent a quote for the training day.  The timetable for the training is also dependent on the courses chosen, and will be determined by the course organiser.  See current modules for a description of each bespoke training module. A provisional timetable helps you to build your training day. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to register your interest and receive a personalised quote for your bespoke training course.

To register your interest and receive a personalised quote for a training day, please complete the request form below