The posterior neuromere of the forebrain that gives rise to the optic cups, epithalamus, thalamus,  ventral thalamus and hypothalmus.

“The diencephalon proper has five major divisions which, in the adult brain, appear in a dorsoventral arrangement. They are the epithalamus, dorsal thalamus, ventral thalamus, posterior tuberculum and hypothalamus. The preoptic area , although often considered part of the hypothalamus, constitutes an intermediate region between telencephalon and diencephalon.” (Wulliman et al., 1996).


is part of: forebrain

has parts: caudal tuberculum, diencephalic white matter, epithalamus, hypophysis, hypothalamus, optic stalk, preoptic area, pretectum, synencephalon, thalamus, third ventricle

diencephalon vibez schema-46.png

Transgenic Lines that label this brain region

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Key Publications

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