Formed from the rostral-most neuromere, the telencephalon in zebrafish consists of the olfactory bulbs, dorsal telencephalon or pallium and the ventral telencephalon or subpallium.   The teleost telencephalon is formed by two solid telencephalic lobes separated by a T-shaped ventricle. This "everted" morphology is in contrast with most other vertebrates where the telencephalon forms by a process of evagination resulting in hollow telencephalic lobes surrounding a central ventricle.    


is part of: forebrain

has parts: dorsal telencephalon, olfactory bulb, telencephalic ventricle, telencephalic white matter, ventral telencephalon. 

telencephalon vibez schema-47.png

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Key Publications

Folgueira M, Bayley P, Navratilova P, Becker TS, Wilson SW, Clarke JD.
Morphogenesis underlying the development of the everted teleost telencephalon
Neural Development. 2012;7:32. doi:10.1186/1749-8104-7-32.