Neuroanatomy and circuit development

The developing zebrafish is rapidly becoming a leading vertebrate model for studies of circuit function and behaviour. An essential prerequisite for such studies is an understanding of the neuroanatomy of the brain. In collaboration with Jon Clarke's, lab in KCL, we have been developing an online, high-resolution atlas of the developing zebrafish brain. aims to be a user-friendly and highly flexible resource for presenting information about the neuroanatomy of the developing zebrafish brain.

The embryonic zebrafish has outstanding optical properties that permit imaging of the entire intact brain at high resolution by confocal microscopy and neuron-targeted transgenes are excellent tools for resolving neuroanatomy.

To date we have imaged many beautiful transgenic lines. We are currently working with colleagues to morph this data onto standard neuroanatomical frameworks to make it more accessible to the community. Please visit for more details. 


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