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Key Publications

Higashijima, S.I., Mandel, G., and Fetcho, J.R. (2004)
Distribution of prospective glutamatergic, glycinergic, and GABAergic neurons in embryonic and larval zebrafish.
The Journal of comparative neurology. 480(1):1-18.

Mueller, T., Wullimann, M.F., and Guo, S. (2008)
Early teleostean basal ganglia development visualized by Zebrafish Dlx2a, Lhx6, Lhx7, Tbr2 (eomesa), and GAD67 gene expression.
The Journal of comparative neurology. 507(2):1245-1257.

Filippi, A., Mueller, T., and Driever, W. (2014)
Vglut2 and gad expression reveal distinct patterns of dual GABAergic versus glutamatergic cotransmitter phenotypes of dopaminergic and noradrenergic neurons in the zebrafish brain.
The Journal of comparative neurology. 522(9):2019-37.

Mueller, T., and Guo, S. (2009)
The distribution of GAD67-mRNA in the adult zebrafish (teleost) forebrain reveals a prosomeric pattern and suggests previously unidentified homologies to tetrapods.
The Journal of comparative neurology. 516(6):553-568.

Solek, C.M., Feng, S., Perin, S., Weinschutz Mendes, H.C., Ekker, M. (2017)
Lineage tracing of dlx1a/2a and dlx5a/6a expressing cells in the developing zebrafish brain.
Developmental Biology. 427(1):131-147.

Jusuf, P.R., Almeida, A.D., Randlett, O., Joubin, K., Poggi, L., and Harris, W.A. (2011)
Origin and determination of inhibitory cell lineages in the vertebrate retina.
The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience. 31(7):2549-2562.