Synonyms: Tg(Xleomes:GFP)io005, tg(Xeom:GFP)

The tg(Xeom:GFP) transgenic lines were made in the Mione lab and used to study the dorsal to ventral migration of the paraseptal neurons in the subpallium.

“GFP-expressing cells appear around 28 hpf in the telencephalon of tg(Xeom:GFP) transgenic embryos. Paired groups of GFP-expressing cells appear in the lateral region of the telencephalon more or less at the level of the olfactory placode, at the telencephalic/diencephalic border and in the midbrain tegmentum.
We describe the migration of the telencephalic group: these cells originate from the corresponding ventricular zone, they first move towards the lateral side and then proceed rapidly towards the ventral telencephalon. Most of the GFP+ cells will congregate at the level of the septal area just rostral to the anterior commissure The 3 cell groups are interconnected through the anterior commissure and the middle forebrain bundle.” (Mione et al., 2008).

“Telencephalic Xeom:GFP- expressing cells probably correspond to the eomes/tbr1- expressing cells located in the ventral telencephalon of zebrafish [Mione et al., 2001] and of many other vertebrates [Brox et al., 2004; Puelles et al., 2000]. The observation that these cells originate from a dorsal telencephalic position and undergo an extensive migration towards the ventral telencephalon and diencephalon, accompanying the growth of the MOT and MFB, suggests that they may play pioneer roles on the formation of these major axon tracts. “(Mione et al., 2008).

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Lab or Origin: Mione Lab

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 septal region, subpallium, entopeduncular nucleus, thalamic emminence, midbrain tegmentum, optic tectum, cerebellum.

Key Publications

Mione, M., Baldessari, D., Deflorian, G., Nappo, G., and Santoriello, C. (2008)
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